Opis: Cisco Aironet 1815w Series zobacz parametry
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Parametry produktu
Number of radios: Dual (2.4GHz and 5.0GHz)
Autonomous access point option: With Mobility Express
VideoStream: Yes
Rogue access point detection: Yes
Limited lifetime warranty: Yes
Wi-Fi Standards: 802.11a/b/g/n/acW2
Target Deployment: Small or midsize enterprise
Antenna Type: Internal
Modularity Support: No
Combined Maximum Data Rate: 1 Gbps
MIMO Radio Design: Number of Spatial Streams: 2x2: 2 MU/SU-MIMO
Channel Width: 2.4GHz: 20MHz, 5GHz: 20/40/80MHz
Concurrent MU-MIMO: 2
Ethernet Support: Variant Dependent
USB Port: All Others: No
1815t: Yes
Bluetooth Low Energy: 1815t: No
All Others: Yes
Beam Forming: Transmit Beam Forming (Tx BF)
RF Interference Avoidance: No
Band Select: Yes
Power Options: PoE or AC/DC (1815t)
Temperature Range ( C): 0 to 40,

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